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Scrooser Madrid is an official Scrooser distributor

If you are looking to have an unique mean of transportation please contact us at 911427517

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The Scrooser is unique! There is nothing similar to Scrooser, because it´s the first one in its category.

Scrooser is the original and German-made vehicle, which is reliable and safe.

Scrooser is approved by the EU regulations.

The Scrooser revolutionises the way of driving along roads and paths, it also brings the pleasure of driving in the most ecological way.

Both elegant and innovative design cause an ability to move with an outstanding style. Only one problem appears – you wouldn´t like to get off!

Scrooser is the most comfortable, easy, safe and environmentally friendly way to get around the city, Scrooser is the future and you are here.

There are many possibilities offered by Scrooser for you and your company.

Promote your products or simply endow your employees with an eco-friendly vehicle to position themselves as a leading environmental friendly company.

And all this with Scrooser warranty.

To be able to rent or buy Scroosers contact us, we are the only distributors in Madrid and we will give you the best price guaranteed.

Consult prices at info@boostespana.com or telephone 911 427 517.